My name is Henrique and I am a curious Brazilian digital strategist. I have been in the creative market for 20 years. My experience is as diverse as possible: Online Marketing, Design, UX, Project Management, SEO, Content Creation and Management, Storytelling, Photojournalism and Video Production. Today I work remotely with online marketing and digital strategy services for companies in Brazil, Australia and Indonesia.

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Bloombox Co, Con Noi Italian Trattoria, Netflix, TNT, Cartoon Network, Turner, Weber Shandwick, China Tree Gorges, Astellas Farma, Folha de Sao Paulo, Kian, Justino de Oliveira Lawyer, Oswaldo Cruz Hospital.



  • Dockers – Essay selected by the photojournalist and editor Michael Silver for the Melbourne Photography Festival.


  • Atacameñas Matizes – The colors that irrigate the aridest desert in the world was an exhibition of 32 images that drew a parallel between the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dalí and the color shades present in the Atacama Desert located in Chile.
  • Launch of the documentary “The Book of Nature“, which shows the life of the Sousa family, who found in nature the key to a fuller life.
    The documentary was an independent production, conceived and fully realized by me: Interview / Screenplay / Direction / Production / Capture of audio and video / Editing / Color Grading / Social Media.


  • Projection in occupation Foto_Invasão realized by the Redbull Station in Sao Paulo.
  • Solo exhibition of authorial project realized in 2012 after spending four months in Northern Brazil. The exhibition “The Nature of Happiness” has been on permanent display since 2016 in the space “Como Assim?!…”, in Sao Paulo – Brazil.


  • Fundraising via crowdfunding for the exhibition of “The Nature of Happiness”.
  • Invited for discussion at the 9th ECA Photojournalism Week at the University of São Paulo.


  • Participation in the Exhibition Mostra Futebol BR, during the World Cup in Brazil, 25 exhibitions were shown in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo – Brazil. Four photos of “The Roots of Football” series were exhibited at Café Les Delices de Maya. Curated by Mônica Maia and Fernando Costa Netto.


  • With the series of photos called “Dockers“, I received an Honorable Mention in the Pictures / Series category of the Pictures of the Year International Latin America.
  • Finalist for the 9th New Holland Photojournalism Award. The selected photograph was taken in Roraima. In 2014, it became a part of the associated traveling exhibition in the participating countries: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.
  • Named to participate in the Prix Pictet 2013, Swiss photographic prize focusing on sustainability (Only photographers invited can participate).
  • Selected to have two photos in the Nike-sponsored book Raízes do Mito.


  • In 2012, I traveled for 4 months in Northern Brazil to document the happiness in the simple life of the people who live there. The result of this can be seen in the exhibition “The Nature of Happiness” that I realized in 2016.
  • Speaker of the 6th ECA Photojournalism Week at the University of São Paulo.
  • Foto 120 in the 3rd Tiradentes Photography Festival – Collective Exhibition with photos all over Tiradentes in Minas Gerais.


  • Inspiration Exhibition in Alberta # 3. 6 Photojournalists from São Paulo showing the daily life on the cell phone – Estaiada Series with 4 photos – Including myself, Toni Pires, Filipe Redondo, Mastrangelo Reino, Daigo Oliva and Danilo Verpa. Curated by Mônica Maia.
  • InstaSampa at Piola Warehouse – Collective exhibition of photos with a cell phone – Participation of Toni Pires, Paulo Pampolim, Fernanda Preto, Rafael Jacinto and others. Curated by Mônica Maia.
  • Expogram in Tag and Juice – Collective Exhibition of photos with a cell phone. Curated by Luciana Obniski, Érika Garrido, Renata Chebel, Filipe Redondo and Daigo Oliva.

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