The Nature of Happiness

Documentary Project // Exhibition

The feeling of happiness according to some research, is much more related to the human relationships we form rather than the material goods that we possess, sociable people report more happiness than people living alone and altruistic people say they experience more the sensation of joy and well-being than those who don´t seek to help others. Increasing the potential for happiness and well-being in today’s world means changing our priorities as individuals and society.

In 2012, I traveled for 4 months in Northern Brazil to document the happiness in the simple life of the people who live at the top of our map. I went through 32 cities and now I want to share some of the smiles I had the pleasure of documenting during this trip.

* The exhibition “The Nature of Happiness” has been on permanent display since 2016 in the space “Como Assim?!…”, in Sao Paulo – Brazil. It only happened thanks to the 144 supporters of the crowdfunding.