Atacameñas Hues

The colors that irrigate the driest desert in the world.

The Atacama Desert resembles the paintings of the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.

The colors, the immensity, the exotic, the haunting and the extraordinary, draw a fine parallel between the canvas on the artist’s canvas and the natural work that no man could have created.

Getting in touch with the region north of Chile is connecting to our smallness and having a glimpse of how vast our world is.

The word “desert”, by definition, is linked to the absence of life, but what I found there was the opposite. the Atacama presents a new perspective of space – with as much of a sense of the territorial immensity that as of the cosmos – it was pulsating, alive and extremely colorful. Everywhere I passed, a new and vibrant color palette was introduced.

Welcome to the magic realism of the Atacama Desert.

Copyrighted Image: Henrique Manreza