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A Natureza da Felicidade (Exposição)

The Nature of Happiness was born out of restlessness. Is happiness linked to what we are or what we have? A study carried out by USP (University of Sao Paulo) says that the number of people diagnosed with anxiety and depression in São Paulo is similar to that of countries at war. And this is […]

O Livro da Natureza (Curta-Documentário)

It´s funny how we walk some paths without even realizing it. I picked this up on the final stretch of my first short/documentary. I unconsciously realized that simplicity had again been the subject of another work, and that, like The Nature of Happiness, it was carried out independently. I divided myself into a thousand pieces […]

200 metros para o Inferno

  Click below to listen to the article (only in Portuguese).   “A small crowd of people gathers at the beginning of the trail. It’s two in the morning. The moon that decided to stay hidden behind the clouds gives space for absolute darkness to reign. The group seems apprehensive and focused. Individually everyone checks […]

Cerimônia de Cremação Balinesa

The island of Bali in Indonesia is known worldwide for having many rituals in its culture. A classic example is offerings. As soon as the Balinese wake up, they are already preparing the first offering of the day. They say a prayer and put a small packet of flowers, fruits, cigarettes and incense in the […]

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